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Plant List 2017

Plant List. Partial list of plants that will be for sale at the Plant Sale and Garden Fair.
Plant List 2017

Pink Isa Decor Dahlia

View all 40 pictures of plants in album format. This is a partial list, more varieties available day of sale.
Asiatic Lilies: Apricot Fudge Dbl Asiatic, Elodie Asiatic Lily, Eyeliner Lily AsiaticYellow Cocotte Asiatic Lily
Border Lilies:  Push Off Border Lilies, Starlight Express Border Lily, Sweet Lord Border Lilies
Dahlias: Avignon Dinnerplate Dahlia, Babylon Bronze Dinnerplate Dahlia, Black Wizard Cactus Dahlia, Emory Paul Dinnerplate Dahlia, Frost Nip Dinnerplate Dahlia, Lady Darlene Dinnerplate Dahlia, Pink Isa Decor Dahlia, Rejman's Firecracker Cactus Dahlia, Tequila Sunset Decor Dahlia, Touch of Autumn Dinnerplate Dahlia
Daylilies:  Best seller, Catcher in the Eye, Colonel Mustard, Dare to Love, Daria, Punxsutawn Phil, Uncharted Waters, Unlock the Stars, Villa Vanilla, all colors are rebloomers.
Double Siberian Iris: Concord Crush Dbl Siberian Iris, Kita-No-Seiza Dbl Siberian Iris, Pink Parfait Dbl Siberian Iris
Tall Phlox: Blue Boy Tall Phlox, David Tall Phlox, Nicky Tall Phlox, Stars and Stripes Tall Phlox, Tenor Tall Phlox
Bleeding HeartWhite Bleeding Heart
Giant columbine
Pineapple Lily
Spider Lily

Annuals: begonia, caladium, Canna (dwarf & regular), coleus, elephant ears, cardinal climber vine, climbing vines, and geranium
Perennials: buckeye trees, columbine, creeping jenny, creeping phlox, dunegrass, fern leaf tansy, grasses, lamium, pussy willows, sedum, turtlehead, winter hardy mums
Houseplants: African violets, Boston ferns, Mother in Law's tongue, variegated spider plants


A large variety of bulbs have been started to give buyers earlier blooms in their garden. Many of these varieties are not available locally. All plants are priced reasonably. This is a partial list which is subject to change.

Hours: Saturday, May 20, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, BBQ picnic lunch 11:00 - 1:00 pm
Sunday, May 21, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm, Plant Sale only 
118 Jackson, Orient, west side of Orient